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!Wildwood Golf Club is a full service Private Country Club located just north of Pittsburgh in Allison Park. Our beautiful  18-hole Championship golf course provides our Members with that one of a kind "Western Pennsylvania" golf experience .

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Wildwood Course News - Pittsburgh Golf

With the exception of a few muggy and hot days, the weather to date has been about as good as we could ask for.  The well above average precipitation throughout the east coast is now manifesting itself in the form of uncomfortable humidity when the temperatures climb.   Fortunately, these days have been somewhat few and far between, providing great opportunities to get onto the course.  All of this heat and humidity is a main factor in disease development on highly utilized turf.  We take necessary precautions and preventative measures to ensure fungal pathogens are tamped down before they take hold, causing widespread damage. The best thing golfers can do to help us preserve the health of the turf is to be conscious of posted cart traffic restrictions.
As is the case every spring, frequent rough mowing throughout the course is a top priority.  Turf, like all plants is designed to grow vigorously through perfect spring growing conditions.  To manage the 100+ acres of rough throughout the property, priority was given to areas immediately within the corridors of play.  Rough alongside the fairways and greens complexes was mowed up to 4 times per week.   To contrast, deep areas of rough far from fairways and greens would only be mowed once or twice per week.  The addition of more mowers beyond our current fleet is not a practical option as this flush in growth is a short term issue manifesting itself in a relatively brief window.  The rough hit its peak shortly after Memorial Day weekend, and as is the case every spring and summer, growth slowed down as temperatures rose and rain became less consistent.   
Our bee hives on property have quietly developed into robustly functioning colonies.  Over the next few months, we will be actively monitoring the hives for a few indicators of Bee health.  Varroa mite infestations are considered the greatest challenge for fledgling hives as an infection of just a small percentage of the colony will quickly spread throughout the rest of the hive, decimating it.  We will also be inspecting the colonies looking for the single queen residing in each hive.  A healthy queen and colony will produce more worker bees, higher honey yields, leading to greater long term health of the hive.   As a precaution, the club has obtained two Epi Pens that will be available in the event of any allergy.  One pen is available at the Pro Shop counter, and another is available at our Maintenance Facility, adjacent to hole 4.  Thank you to the Membership of Wildwood for your enthusiastic support of our campaign to encourage local pollinators!
We all love and appreciate good playing conditions throughout the course.  Each facet of course maintenance is the signature of the hard work put forth by our crew members.  While clipped rough, striped fairways and uniform bunkers all look good from afar, the most closely scrutinized part of the course is the putting greens.  The need for (greens) speed is seemingly a never ending quest which requires more labor inputs than any other playing surface.  On any given day, the greens are mowed up to three times at 1/10thof an inch and then rolled two times.  The goal of these exercises is to smooth the surface and remove any imperfections that could impede ball roll.  Regardless of inputs into the greens, one of the most determinative factors in green speed is moisture available in the soil.  When roots draw water from the soil, plant cells fill up with water, causing the plant to stand up and apply friction to a rolling ball.  This equates to comparatively slower ball roll, something golfers have undoubtedly noticed in the wake of wet weather.  In dry conditions the individual plants will shrink and lay down to conserve the little bit of water inside their cells, resulting in less friction and faster roll.  Frequent mowing and rolling, application of growth regulators, and limiting the availability of nitrogen are all steps taken to mitigate the effects of mother nature and accelerate greens speed.  If used without check, these practices can lead to plant stress and turf decline.  There’s a time and place for speeding up the greens via these methods, just as there’s a time and place to be conservative and look out for the health of the turf.  During periods of extended heat stress, mindful management of the turf may result in a short term slowing of the greens but is sometimes necessary to ensure season long health and vitality of the turf. 
Please feel free to contact me via email at tfisher@wildwoodgolfclub.org, or on my office line at 412-487-1234 to discuss these or any other topics.  Thanks and see you on the course!

No Carts:  This policy typically takes place in the off season when frozen or waterlogged soil conditions cannot sustain even incidental vehicle traffic.  This policy is also sometimes utilized in the shoulder season through the back nine which lacks continuous cart path. 

90 Degree Rule:  Considered a step up from “No Carts”, this policy is meant to encourage golfers to utilize cart paths where they exist, and to keep off-path traffic to a minimum.   Plainly stated, exiting the path at 90 degrees, driving directly to your ball, and then returning to the cart path via the shortest route will disperse cart traffic patterns. 

Paths and Fairways:  The most commonly utilized policy here at Wildwood during wet conditions; this encourages golfers to use paths where they exist, but permits players to drive the fairways to gain access to their ball.  Sudden starts, stops, and turns can cause torsional stress on the turf and are discouraged.  Golfers are encouraged to keep the wheels pointed between 10 and 2 to minimize the potential for turf damage.

No Restrictions:  This policy is utilized during optimal conditions.  Please observe posted signage and rope stake throughout the course.   Maintain a 50 yard radius around Greens and utilize paths for Tee access.  

Signage will be posted at the first tee informing players of any applicable restrictions for the day.  These policies are meant to facilitate play as conveniently as possible while protecting the turf from damage.  Adhering to these guidelines will help to ensure enjoyable conditions throughout the entire season. 

Course Weather

Chance Thunderstorms
high 78°
low 64°
Partly Sunny
high 81°
low 64°
Chance Thunderstorms
high 83°
low 68°
Thunderstorms Likely
high 80°
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