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Wildwood Golf Club is a full service Private Counrty Club located just north of Pittsburgh in Allison Park. Our beautiful  18-hole Championship golf course provides our Members with that one of a kind "Western Pennsylvania" golf experience .

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Wildwood Course News - Pittsburgh Golf

As difficult as it may be to accept, we are upon the precipice of the cliff known as winter.  “Autumn Twilight” enveloped the northeast clear through Christmas providing the opportunity for our membership to enjoy all the course had to offer.  With more seasonable temperatures right around the corner, it’s time for the Greens and Grounds Staff at Wildwood to continue to focus on some projects to improve the golfing experience for the membership and their guests. 

Continuing with bunker renovations undertaken in previous years, the staff is in the process of improving the bunker complex at 3 green.  This project includes complete removal and reinstallation of drainage as well as reintroduction of clean white sand. The new sand installed in these and all other renovated bunkers has specific qualities aimed at efficient drainage as well as playability.  These improvements will aid in the Staff’s ability to prepare and maintain bunkers following a rain event.  Utilizing architectural advisement from our Master Plan , the left side bunker has been slightly expanded and deepened to provide a clearer view of the bunker from the tee complex.  The two bunkers previously positioned to the right of the green will be consolidated into one, providing a clearer view of the bunker from the tee while requiring players to carefully consider club and shot selection.  All bunkers are filled to a depth of 4”-6”.  Occasionally due to frequent raking and usage, sand depths can be inconsistent within a bunker causing a club to bottom out and scrape the bunker floor.  In season, the Staff continually monitors and addresses these issues as they arise to ensure fair and consistent sand conditions are provided throughout the course. 

The historically rainy spring of 2015 provided the opportunity to identify chronically wet areas requiring drainage improvement.  A prime example of an area in need of improvement is 13 fairway approximately 65 yards from the green.  The Greens and Grounds staff installed nearly 400 feet of drainage to move water from this “bird bath” to an out of play location.  Time and conditions permitting, the Staff will install additional drainage infrastructure adjacent to 13 fairway bunker.  Improvements such as those mentioned above will not only improve playing conditions, but will help aid in cart policy decisions, as drier conditions will enable the use of carts more frequently on this mostly pathless fairway. 

Winter and the accompanying cold weather also make it possible for the Staff to safely and efficiently prune and remove trees on property.  Tree removals undertaken so far this year include a small number of dead trees which pose a safety threat, as well as 5 pines that filled the area between 12 and 14 green.  Removal of select trees between 12 and 14 will enable air and sunlight to reach these greens surfaces, thus producing healthier turf which requires less cultural inputs such as fungicides and fertilizers.  Careful consideration was taken to ensure player safety is not compromised by errant shots from both 12 and 14.  As spring approaches, the project will wind to a close as topsoil will be trucked in to renovate the turf site and provide healthy rough free of weak turf and hidden tree roots.  Beyond removals, the Greens and Grounds Staff will venture through the course pruning select trees for aesthetic and health purposes. 

Despite the chilly outlook for the weeks ahead, warm and sunny days may indeed occur, coaxing the hardiest of golfers to the Club.  Though the sun may be shining, and temperatures above freezing, frozen soil conditions will lag behind the fluctuations, necessitating the use of temporary greens and seasonably appropriate cart restrictions.  Foot traffic on frozen putting greens can lead to issues such as plant leaf tissue and root damage.  Interdepartmental communication with the Golf Shop will ensure the membership is aware and understands cart and Greens rulings for the day. 

Even though the weather may not be perfect for golf, the winter months provide a great opportunity to utilize the course for other outdoor activities.  Runners and walkers can log 4.5 miles by sticking to cart paths and roughs adjacent to each hole and when the snow does begin to fly, snow-shoeing and cross country skiing are great ways to get out and enjoy the beauty that Wildwood has to offer.  I kindly ask that anybody utilizing the course for these activities stick to rough and cart paths when able, as foot traffic on frost, snow, and frozen soil can be detrimental to closely maintained surfaces such as greens tees and fairways. 

Please feel free to contact me on my office line 412-487-1234, or via email, tfisher@wildwoodgolfclub.org.  Also, check out photos of the aforementioned projects, happenings at Wildwood Golf Club, and Abbey via the Instagram page for The Wildwood Greens Department!  Search user @WGC_Greens or search #wildwoodgolfclub.  Thank you!
Tom Fisher

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