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Hole 8

Tee Information

Blue 230
White 204
Gold 170
Red/Gold 161

Golf Course News

Course Update

 It seems rain showers have always been on the horizon this summer.  Fortunately, our Wildwood Greens staff has taken several steps to mitigate the effects precipitation has on the course.  Improvements to and installation of new drainage throughout the property efficiently moves surface and groundwater to our irrigation pond, making it possible to facilitate cart usage even after rain events.  On the greens, procedures such as sand injection, topdressing, and core aerification work to modify the greens soil physical characteristics.  Incorporating sand into our greens soil increases the air porosity of the root zone, making it easier for water to naturally percolate through the soil profile.  Dry soil is more firm and readily able to withstand the physical stresses that daily mowing and rolling can cause the turf.   Of course, there are times when storms can flood the greens, outpacing the rate of drainage.  While we strive to provide the best daily conditions, mowing and rolling during these times of high heat and soil saturation can be detrimental to the long term health of the green.  Often times, this can result in the “Slowing” of the green, but sparing the greens stress for a single day is worth avoiding turf decline later in the season. 

An important upcoming date to remember is August 15-17 during which we will close the course for aerification.  As mentioned above, greens core aerification and subsequent sand topdressing will dilute thatch, providing better long term playing conditions.  Our tees will receive a similar treatment as the greens.  Fairways will be aerified with solid tines, providing the opportunity for gas exchange within the root zone while enhancing water infiltration rates.  Much later in the season, we will vertically mow the fairways which will remove thatch from the upper soil profile.  Given good weather, the procedures will be completed in about 3 days, with full recovery of surfaces in about 10-14 days.  Thank you for your patience!

Though we haven’t had to water the course via our irrigation system much this summer, there are always times in the season when manually watering the course is required.  Often times, the most efficient way to properly water a turf surface is via hose…or hand watering.  This method allows us to concentrate a necessary quantity of water in a specific area, rather than blanket irrigating the larger area which can lead to overwatering of unintended sites.    You’ve probably seen us from time to time, methodically watering a surface, and expediently wrapping our hose to move to the next spot.  All hand watering employees are instructed to stay away from groups of play, acknowledge play if it is approaching a work area, and either wave the group on or quickly finish the watering task and move along.  It is never our intention to delay play, but hitting into an unsuspecting employee is expressly discouraged.  When hand watering, we are working to improve the quality of the course; observance of these safety guidelines is much appreciated! 

If you have any questions about these or any other topics, feel free to contact me via email tfisher@wildwoodgolfclub.org or my office line 412-487-1234.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram @wgc_greens, for pictures of the course, flowers, and Abbey!  See you on the course!
Tom Fisher, Superintendent