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An aerial view of the golf course at Wildwood Golf Club in Pittsburgh

Wildwood Golf Club's Colorful History

Wildwood Golf Club’s history started in 1920 when George Wittmer, Jr., with the financial help of Dr. W.B. Ray, acquired the rolling farmland 12 miles north of Pittsburgh and built an 18-hole golf course and a beautiful stone clubhouse.  Wittmer opened the facility, which they called Wildwood Country Club, in late 1927. During its early years, Wildwood Country Club was the site for several major golf tournaments, including the Dapper Dan Open, which attracted some of the great professional golfers of that era, including Ralph Guldahl, Gene Sarazen, Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan.


Like most country clubs, Wildwood struggled financially during the Depression and as World War II began, gasoline rationing hurt the club as it was considered “out in the sticks” and hard to get to.  It lost members and was sold in 1940.


Ownership changed hands two more times before John W. Hibbard acquired it in 1944 and donated the property to the Boy Scouts of America.


With money it received from its participation in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Fla., the University of Pittsburgh acquired the club in 1956 and used it as its practice area for it athletic teams and a recreational facility for their faculty.


Pitt rejuvenated the golf course and operated as Pitt Wildwood until 1960 when it was sold to Stone Lodge, Inc., a group of members from the community and Pitt for $535,000.


Stone Lodge, Inc., which owns the real property, leases it to Wildwood Golf Club.